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Oecologia Australis (OA) is an open-access, subscription-based international journal. OA promotes continuous international research and the exchange of information through the publication of the latest research / discovery reports in Ecology and related areas.

Oecologia Australis is published by the Postgraduate Program in Ecology of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (PPGE / UFRJ) and aims to publish reviews, case studies and opinions in Ecology and related areas. The target audience of our journal is researchers and graduate students and postgraduate students in Ecology and related fields.

Papers can be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish or English. We publish four issues a year, two of which are thematic themes composed by invited authors and edited by invited editors. The remaining two questions consist of spontaneous communications.

The journal welcomes the presentation of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of scientific excellence and importance. Topics of interest include:

Organismic ecology (ecophysiology, animal behavior, natural history, evolutionary biology of organisms)
Population ecology
Community Ecology
Ecosystem ecology
Conservation Biology
Landscape Ecology
Species Management
environmental education

Environmental management The magazine starts to accept regular articles, not just review. Notes and opinion articles on relevant themes in Ecology are also accepted.


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