Know below the Time Charge and Blocks of Disciplines
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The courses offered by the Graduate Program in Ecology (PPGE-UFRJ) are greatly responsible for the education that the graduate students receive. The courses also help our Graduate Program to build its identity. According to the PPGE policies, every Master student should take courses in order to complete 360 hours; PhD students are required to attend a minimum of 450 hours. The courses offered by the PPE-UFRJ are distributed into three categories, as follows:


  • General concepts and theory in Ecology, which are not restricted to a given taxonomic group and / or environment.
  • Master students should take at least 90 h;
  • PhD students should take at least 120 h.
  • Courses taken in the Master’s degree can be considered when entering the PhD Program.


  • Courses focused on quantitative tools and methods in Ecology.
  • MSc students should take at least 90 h.
  • PhD Students should take at least 120 h.


  • Courses focused on the taxonomic group and / or the environment related to the students’ research.
  • Specific Topics

Courses attended at other graduate programs can be considered in order to fulfill the requirements above. As a consequence, students (in accordance with the advisor) may ask for an evaluation of the courses taken in other universities, which is performed by the graduate committee. A maximum of 30% of the time required for completing the courses can be taken from other graduate programs.

Research Degree Minimal Time Required
Conceptual Methodological Complementary Total
MSc 90h 90h Does not apply 360h
PhD 120h 120h Does Not Apply 450h

Such a structure was approved by the graduate committee on March 24, 2013, and applies to all students who have enrolled at PPGE-UFRJ since 2013. These changes were made to offer the students a solid background in both theory and methods in ecology, as understanding different tools and methodologies has become as important as understanding the essential concepts in Ecology.

Conceptual Courses

Conceptual Courses
Title Term Units Format Faculty
Conservation Biology Fall Term 3 45h Fernando A. S. Fernandez
Community and Ecosystem Ecology Spring Term 4 60h Carlos Eduardo V. Grelle/ Dr. Vinícius Farjalla
Population Ecology Fall Term 4 45h Marcus Vinícius Vieira
Animal Behavior Spring Term 3 45h Maria Alice S. Alves
Limnology Spring Term 3 45h Francisco de Assis Esteves
Biogeography Spring Term 4 60 Rui Cerqueira
Sustainability Science Spring Term 3 45 Bernardo Strassburg
Organismal Ecology Spring Term 3 45 Daniela Rodriges

Methodological Courses

Methodological Courses
Title Term Units Format Faculty
Statistical Methods in Ecology Fall Term 4 60h Marcus Vinícius Vieira
Experimental Design Spring Term 3 45h Eduardo Arcoverde Mattos Dr. Paulo César de Paiva
Numerical Ecology Fall Term 3 45h Jean Louis Valentin
Introduction to R Spring Term 2 30h Invited instructor
Ecological Studies on Aquatic Communities: Ordination Techniques Spring Term 2 30h Ana Cristina Petry
Geospatial Data Analisys Spring Term 3 45h Mariana Vale

Complementary Courses

Complementary Courses
Title Term Units Format Faculty
Experimental Biogeochemistry Fall Term 4 60h Alex Enrich Prast
Aquatic Ecosystem Biomonitoring Spring Term 3 45h Darcílio Fernandes Baptista
Microbial Biochemistry Fall Term 3 45h Alex Enrich Prast
Reproductive Ecology of Seed Plants Fall Term 2 30h Tânia Wendt
Ecology of Marine Algae Fall Term 4 60h Yocie Yoneshigue Valentin
Field Course II Spring Term 10 160h Leandro Freitas
Ecology of Coastal Vegetation Fall Term 3 45h Dorothy Sue Dunn de Araújo
Ecology of Mangrove Forests Spring Term 3 45h Mário Soares
Insect Ecology Spring Term 3 45h Ricardo Ferreira Monteiro
Ecology of Aquatic Insects Fall Term 3 45h Jorge Nessimian
Fish Ecology Spring Term 3 45h Érica Pellegrini Caramaschi
Ecology of Continental Phytoplancton Spring Term 3 45h Vera Lúcia M. Huszar
Ecology and Society Spring Term 3 45h Francisco de Assis Esteves
Quantitative Marine Ecology Spring Term 3 45h Ricardo Coutinho
Ecology, Evolution and Conservation of Reef fish Fall Term 5 75h Carlos Eduardo Leite Ferreira
Teaching Assistant Fall and Spring Terms 2 30h Reinaldo Luiz Bozelli
Scientific Environmental Photography Fall Term 2 30h Antônio Carlos de Freitas (UERJ)
Environmental Management Spring Term 3 45h Reinaldo Luiz Bozelli
Global Issues in Conservation Biology Fall Term 2 30h Dr. Stuart Pimm (Duke University) Dra. Mariana Vale
Conservation and Management of Fish Resources Spring Term 4 60h Marcelo Vianna
Marine Microbiology Spring Term 3 45h Rodolfo Paranhhos
Scientific Writing Fall Term 2 30h Vinícius Farjalla
Gene-Environment Interactions Fall Term 4 60h Mauro de Freitas Rebelo
Ecology Seminars Fall Term 2 30h Invited instructor
Special Topics in Ecology I - 1 15h Invited instructor
Special Topics in Ecology II --- 2 30 h Invited instructor
Special Topics in Ecology III --- 3 45 h Invited instructor
Special Topics in Ecology IV --- 4 60 h Invited instructor

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